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The Greatest Cars Deprived Of A Manual Transmission

By now, manufacturers (at least mainstream ones) have made it clear that the days of the manual gearbox are coming to an end. Shifting the gears yourself and working a third pedal will eventually become a lost art. Although we see it mainly in modern cars, this process actually started a while ago and some cars (or specific versions of them) that should have come with a manual gearbox were deprived of it.

Can The McLaren 765 LT Score An Upset Victory Over The Tesla Model S Plaid On The Drag Strip?

Brooks from DragTimes brought two of his best vehicles on the drag strip for a face-off. The contenders are a Tesla Model S Plaid and a McLaren 765 LT. The Plaid is invincible, but the McLaren is no slouch. The 765 LT was the quickest production car to a quarter-mile before the Plaid arrived, taking just 9.3 seconds at 150+ mph. So, this will be an interesting match-up. From the looks of it, the Plaid might claim the bragging rights, but could the McLaren score some upset victories?

The Forgotten Mid-Engined Peugeot Oxia Concept From 1988 Was a Car Well Ahead of its Time

The Peugeot Oxia is a high-performance supercar concept that the French Automaker conceived back in the late 80s. It pays homage to the company’s past and certainly was a technological revelation well ahead of its time. It was a supercar that would have gone up against cars like the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959 had it actually gone into production.

To put that into perspective, the hi-tech Oxia had north of 600 horsepower, along with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. These specs might seem normal now, but back in the ’80s, they were unheard of. Let’s dwell a little deeper to find out just what the Oxia was all about.

2024: The Year Porsche Electrifies the Sports Car Segment

Manufacturers are hard at work, transitioning to fully electric vehicles, and Porsche has already come up with a strategy that would allow for the gradual electrification of its existing lineup. Last year, Porsche gave us the Taycan – its first fully electric production vehicle. It was a good exercise, which showed that there was indeed interest in a high-performance EV from Porsche. With this in mind, the German carmaker is already implementing its strategy to electrify its whole existing lineup by 2024.

This is the Nissan Z Race Car The World Deserves

The long-awaited Nissan Z has finally been unveiled. With that out of the way, many wonder, what’s next? We know there will be a NISMO version at some point and, no doubt, there will be a facelift in a couple of years, especially if they make it as long as the 370Z (I hope not). Nissan has a rich racing history and the Z is a big part of it, which is why independent automotive designer and illustrator, JONSIBAL is introducing a JGTC-inspired version of the new Z.

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