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K-Powered: The Unusual Suspect

What he meant wasn’t that you’ve already taken your best photo, but that sometimes it’s literally behind you. When everyone else is pointing their cameras in one direction, it’s worth turning around to see what they’re missing. It’s advice that serves well for anyone interested in hunting speed. It teaches you to look twice, to be […]

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Supras In The Mist

But despite the non-stop rain, the event wasn’t ruined. Unbelievably, 700 cars showed up to Fuji Speedway. I’m no stranger to views like these, except it’s always been of the Nissan variety, with events like the Nismo Festival and R’s Meeting offering up rows upon rows of GT-Rs. This time it was Supras, with models from most generations present. […]

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Rare Shades 5: A Celebration Of Porsche Color

The car show as an activity is a bit old-fashioned and boring, don’t you think? Not really much activity to speak of amongst a bunch of cars shut off in a grossly unaesthetic grassy field. Yet for years and years, this is exactly what the car show was — and often still is. I have nothing against getting […]

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K-Powered: An Accord Euro R With Boost

The demonic roar of rubber failing miserably to grip tarmac has now subsided, instead replaced by a familiar throaty growl. This Honda Accord Euro R has shown its hand, and I’m enthralled. When thoughts turn to the high points of Honda’s back catalogue, the first names that’ll likely come to mind include Civic, Integra and NSX. But how […]

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Honda Overload At Circuit Festa

What race meet draws the biggest crowd to this small circuit nestled in the mountains of Hyogo Prefecture? No, it’s not GT cars, nor is it Porches. This close to Osaka, it could only be one celebrating Hondas. Given our Honda K-powered theme this month, I wasn’t going to pass up on the opportunity to attend Circuit […]

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